This Ancient Bird May Have Had The Largest Wingspan Ever

Pelagornis sandersi, rendered above, may have had the largest wingspan of any bird to ever fly. (Reconstruction Art by Liz Bradford)

Pelagornis sandersi, rendered above, may have had the largest wingspan of any bird to ever fly. (Reconstruction Art by Liz Bradford)

Reporting for NPR’s Here and Now, I explained how a fossil discovery may have revealed the largest bird to have ever flown.

Celebrating 100 Years Of Ham Radio



My latest NPR story is a profile on the 100th anniversary of the American Radio Relay League, the largest association of ham radio enthusiasts in the United States. If you have time, check out this extra article I wrote over at WNPR’s Science blog, The Beaker.

In Search of Snowy Owls on Connecticut’s Coast

Perched upon a car tire in a clam flat at Long Wharf in New Haven on December 15, 2013, a young male Snowy Owl scans its surroundings. In the background is Five Mile Point light in New Haven harbor. (Matt Messina)

A confession — this was my first time ever spotting an owl in the wild. Check out the story for WNPR and for NPR’s Here & Now.

Newtown Residents Demolish A School, And Violent Memories

Latest story for NPR.

Generation X Tweets About Getting Old

They were gutted by the economy, saddled with existential angst, and on today’s Colin McEnroe Show, a few Generation Xers tweeted with us about what it’s like to live in a world inherited from the Baby Boomers …

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How A Few Barbershop Clippings Conned America Out Of Millions

While you probably never give a second thought to the clippings scattered about when you get a haircut, Philip Musica turned this trash into cash.

We talked about the life of Musica on today’s The Colin McEnroe Show. In 1938, Musica was busted for executing one of the biggest financial swindles in American history, sluicing a total of $135 million in cash and checks from McKesson & Robbins, a pharmaceutical giant with an operations plant right here in Fairfield, Conn.

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Why Isn’t There A Women’s Tour de France?

Earlier this week, former World Time Trial Champion Emma Pooley (who won a silver medal in 2008) explained why the women’s Tour de France failed on the BBC Radio 4 show, Woman’s Hour.

“There used to be the ‘Tour de France Feminin‘ in the 1980s that was two weeks long, with proper mountain stages, but it eventually fizzled out because of a lack of sponsorship,” said Ms. Pooley.

The death of the women’s Tour is emblematic, many argue, of a broader failure by cycling’s governing body, the International Cycling Union (known by its French initials, U.C.I.), to support its pro women riders. Yesterday, Olympian Marianne Vos filed an online petition to Tour director Christian Prudhomme saying, “it is about time women are allowed to race the Tour de France, too.” At noon on Friday, more than 3,000 people had put their names to Ms. Vos’ petition.

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Ever Wondered What It Sounds Like When A Cicada Gets Busy?

If so, I have the answer for you in this story produced for Connecticut Public Radio.


Cicada and light switch – a love story. (Photo by Chion Wolf)


Disabled Athletes Bring Bravado To The Ice In Sled Hockey

My most recent story for NPR.

Craig Brady, from Madbury, N.H., plays for the Northeast Passage Wildcats, as well as the U.S. National Team, after suffering an injury from an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan. (USA Hockey)

Legendary Tales Of The First Kiss

First kiss stories are … well, I guess you can supply your own answer to that. Funny. Heartwarming. Inevitably awkward. Endlessly entertaining. I’m trying to capture all those memories in this new audio project I’m working on for WNPR. I’ve pasted the quick rundown below.

I’d love it if you participate or share this with your friends.


WNPR is starting an experimental radio project and we want you to get involved. The idea is simple. We provide a theme, you call our hotline and tell a story.

Here’s how to take part:

Step One: Check out our theme (listed below).

Step Two: Call 860-580-WNPR (860-580-9677). You’ll hear a nice pre-recorded message from me or one of our producers.

Step Three: Tell us your story. Take as long as you need, but the voicemail might cut you off after 3 minutes. So quicker is better! Be genuine. Tell us the story like you’d tell an old friend over coffee. (We’re old friends, right?!)

Step Four: Hang up your phone. Wait to hear your story online and in WNPR programming. (More on that later …)


“My First Kiss”

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we decided to collect first kiss stories. What was yours like? Who was it with? Where did it happen? How old were you? Did your braces get stuck together? Did something worse happen? Tell us!

Again, it’s 860-580-WNPR (9677). Happy storytelling!

NOTE: There’s no need to leave us your name/contact info, but we’d certainly love it if you did. Oh and if you mess up, just start over. Or call the line and start all over again. The beauties of pre-recorded radio!

More Questions? E-mail me: